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Custom Sizing

Magic lies within you. Its light shines
through the parts of you that makes you, you.

Onaya is a celebration of womanhood. It is a revelry of a woman's uniqueness, a movement to deliver a special outfit for every moment, to befit each version of her, fitted perfectly to accentuate her beauty. Our custom sizing feature ensures just that.

Onaya is consistently working towards delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We respect your impicit faith in us, and strive to ensure that the garments we design cling onto your frame the way you'd want it to. We understand that every fabric, every drape, every embroidery falls differently, and hence, requires a different sizing guide to ensure that impeccable finish and fitting you desire. Thus, whenever you wish to purchase an outfit, you can refer to the corresponding measuring guide and chart pop-up to enter your details, so that we can ensure end-to-end customization in size and flow.